Sunday, October 19, 2014


Whew it's been a ROUGH week and a half! My resolve has been tested over and over again, I GAINED instead of losing because I'm a "stress gainer". My body holds onto water & salt like a mizer! I've been discouraged, disgusted, downhearted, & disease blocked. BUT..... I REFUSE TO GIVE UP! Every day, sometimes through LOTS of frustration tears, I MUST move my body to help it! You say "well Coach, I just don't have it in me today".... and I GET it. I do. But, I can't let you stay there. The more we don't move, the worse our pain gets. Even if it's walking a lap or a few laps around your living' ve GOT to move that body! If you're bed ridden, try moving your arms & legs in some creative way. Honest to goodness there have been times when rocking back & forth on my side in the fetal position has been what I could do at the time. It IS DOES suck sometimes....but keep fighting! This is YOUR life, NOT fibro's life.

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