Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Work in Progress

A work in progress  Fighting for my quality of life 
I have been approached with the opportunity to become a health/fitness & motivation coach and I would love to focus mostly on people living with pain. It would be an extension of what I'm already doing to fight my own circumstances & I REALLY want to help others do the same. Plus I want them to see the real deal, pain, struggle, good & bad days and all of it so they know they're not alone in this. Anyway...it's a big prayer focus for me right now. It's a big responsibility. The first photo is hard to share. I look at my face & it says it all. #Fibromyalgia is a thief. Fighting back us a chance to still have some say over what's happening to us. Its a way to take back power & stand up (physically & emotionally) for one more day. Even if it's one lap around the living room...it's a VICTORY!

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