Thursday, May 23, 2013

Magnesium for Fibromyalgia and Allodynia Pain Management

Hello Everyone =)

I wanted to come and post an update about a fantastic supplement I've been taking for several months now. I stumbled upon it by accident after a bout with intestinal issues left me with heart palpitations that scared me pretty badly. I learned that prolonged diarrhea can greatly diminish the magnesium level in the body and cause this to happen.

However.. the benefit of my trouble is that when I started taking 250mg of Magnesium per day, my pain levels became so much easier to manage! I learned that it regulates the nerve function in the body. I never skip a day without it now.  Along with the other supplements I take, this little buddy has become a powerful partner in my fight for my quality of life!

Always talk to your doctor before trying any new supplements and/or medicines. This one is a definite MUST LOOK INTO.

To get you started, some good information can be found here and here for you.

Have a blessed day today!