Friday, August 31, 2012

"My Fibromyalgia Pain Management & Symptom Tracker"

(PDF Download Format To Print For Your 1" Binder)

One thing I wanted to do for the Fibromyalgia community was create a comprehensive journal that could be used for documenting all of the different things going on with our symptoms such as: pain management, medications, and the various types of things we have tried to alleviate our symptoms. That way we can have a more solid representation of what’s REALLY going on with us, especially when we go to doctor appointments. Great for documentation regarding disability claims, loan qualifications, etc...

***137 pages, 31 day tracking, daily diagrams, symptoms tracking, medications tracking, reminders, journal pages for more details on a particular day, links and information, etc.. Please feel free to contact me for photos of the journal if you would like. 

***Available for immediate download so you can print it out and have re-printing availability for each month.  Just $12.50!


After you purchase your tracker(s), if the redirect page does not take you to the download link right away, an email will be sent to you with the download information. It will show that it was sent from "Sherri Kohls" and the subject will say "Download Information" (Sometimes emails get filtered into the spam folder, so be sure and check)