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Hello Everyone,

Today is a significant day for all of us PWF's.

I know there are many, many of you out there who are thinking "When will this END?!" "I'm so tired of being sick!"  I know exactly how you're feeling. Who wants to celebrate something so monstrous right?  Well... maybe not., but YOU definitely deserve to be celebrated! Not Fibro...YOU,... you yourself. You've made it this you are here and you're still fighting. THAT DESERVES TO BE CELEBRATED.

Because I've had several emails lately asking me if there is ANYTHING working for me, I have chosen today to post my latest results and findings that are ACTUALLY WORKING for me.  I've been waiting several months to see what happened before posting. Today is the perfect day to share the news with you so you can see if these will work for you too.

Ok, get ready for a little longer post, but it will be worth it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

There are some GREAT ways to fight Fibro that are a little less expensive than some of the protocols out there if finances are concern. I've tried quite a few and found the following ones the best fit for me. Remember, each person is different and will respond differently. I'll just quickly tell you what's been getting real provable results for me. (*Note: I am not an affiliate for any of these companies or products. I do not receive kickbacks for recommending them. I simply want people to know what's working for me)

Ok with these supplements I've been able to go from taking 150mg of Lyrica + 10mg of Nortryptaline + 100mg of Tramadol ER per day to being completely weened off of Lyrica and Nortryptaline all together and only taking Tramadol now. PLUS I can now exercise up to 40 mins per day on my daughter's Wii fit system that her grandparents got her. Something I could not and have not been able to do for the past 6 years.

Additionally, I got off all dairy unless it's ORGANIC ONLY. There are chemicals in processed milk and dairy that wreaks havoc on our systems. We PWF's seem more susceptible to these. Since cutting down dramatically on dairy and only having organic products if I choose something dairy I feel so much better!! It only took a week to see a drastic improvement for me. (Each person may have a different result depending on their own body).

1) Please see the attached photos. They show all the supplements I take daily. I get all my products online except for the bottle of Acetyl L-Carnitine that my husband got at the local grocery store and my whey protein.

A - I get Flexiprin at  I love this supplement for energy and helping the fatigue as well as the help with pain it gives me. However I'd say the increase in energy is my favorite aspect and I haven't found anything that gives me as much.

B - I get my brewer’s yeast (Epicor), Bromelain and Papain, and Silver at see the following links

( and )

( and )

See Google Search Here for Benefits from Bromelain and Papain

Silver is used for immune support and works like a dream!! Everything from colds and flu to fever blisters. My little girl and I especially have seen a huge jump in our ability to resist sickness since using liquid silver. If there were a major catastrophe, I'd want Silver as a medicine alternative at all costs. That's a fact.

Note: I no longer use the African Mango at this time for weight control. I was able to find better benefits and muscle strengthening by using 100% (Vanilla) Whey Protein Powder (from a health food store) mixed in with organic milk, a small section of banana, 5 or 6 strawberries, and 1Tsp of Stevia for sweetening. I blend these together into a smoothie and have 1 or 2 per day. I usually drink one in the morning before I work out because the protein doubles it’s effect in your bloodstream and builds muscle faster. **Fibro patients tend to have atrophied or weak muscles because we don’t move, thinking that it’s too painful. The problem is, to combat pain, we HAVE to move and keep our muscles working. It actually makes our pain WORSE when we don’t have activity. Even if it’s 10 minutes at first…it’s OK, anything to get started.

Ok the other thing I'm doing is trying to eat as much Organic food as possible to avoid the extra chemical processes and additives. AND ABSOLUTELY NO ASPARTAME IF IT CAN BE AVOIDED. Diet sodas are the WORST and zero chocolate or very, very little. My husband gets me STEAZ carbonated juice drinks and chocolate Clif brownie bars  as a substitute. (Our smallest girl also loves these) Decaf coffee is also a must if you drink it. Green tea is better.

I found some really delicious foods at our grocery store made by Amy's Kitchen that are super good and pretty affordable, plus easy to carry or find if you go on trips. You can also find more info on them at  They have several choices without dairy too or only made with organic dairy. My freezer is full of Amy's products. My favorites are the baked ziti and the cheese enchiladas.

This is the honest to goodness way I'm living and fighting against Fibro that's working for me. I can only say it's working and I've started to feel alive again. I can actually participate in activities after years of being bed ridden or so fatigued I couldn't stay awake. OH! Also, my husband got me an electric heating pad that I use daily to help my muscles feel better while I'm sitting or laying down. I love it!

These are the basic links and info I give to most all of my readers looking for information on what's working for me. These methods have fit nicely into our budget.

P.S. These results took less than 2 weeks to start showing for me! Remember each person responds differently. I started noticing a drop in muscle pain about a week after removing dairy and switching to only organic dairy if I wanted a milk or milk based product. There is a chemical in milk called Casinate that makes me feel HORRIBLE. It's a little more expensive, but I'll pay the dollar to feel this great! The other supplements compounded the detox from my tissues and help me process food better. I don't have all of the scientific jargon to give you, but I CAN tell you the results have been incredible!  (See the previous post for a link to The Fibromyalgia Digest where I found great information that helped ALOT)

I wish you the very BEST and blessings! 

(P.S. Dont forget to look at the previous post for pics of my pain management and symptom tracker. The link is on the right hand side of the page if you'd like to pick one up for yourself or a loved one.)

Sherri Kohls


chained.with.them said...

I just found your blog while researching Flexiprin. I haven't been formally diagnosed with fibromyalgia but do share some similar symptoms. How were you diagnosed? And what is a PWF? By the way, thank you for your testimony!=)

chained.with.them said...

I have another did you come to use the supplements you mention in this post? Can you direct me to some info on how these work? Thx. =)

Sherri said...

Thank you for your questions =) I went through extensive testing to include MRI's, physical therapy, cerival epidurals, and so forth before finding a Rheumatologist who specialized in Fibromyalgia treatment. I was suspicious of my symptoms after 2 years of no result with any other treatment or testing.

A "PWF" is a Person with Fibromyalgia (Just a little blurb I made up lol!)

The suppliments I list here (I still continue to take) along with 250mg of Magnesium daily are all ones I found through lots and lots of research and trial and error. They all provide different benefits to the body. For instance Magnesium regulates nerve function and pain. I LOVE THIS ONE. Since I started taking it specifically, my pain has been so much more manageable. I never skip a day without it now.

For a comprehensive look at what each supplement does for the body, the best and most informative thing to do would be to type in the name of it into your search engine like GOOGLE or BING and read the data for each one.

Samantha B said...


I was doing research on Dr. Vickery and came across your blog. I was trying to see if you had anymore information about it? I only saw the one post from 2009. Did it work for you at all? Did you stop using it for other reasons (financial?)? I tried looking in your blog titles to see if you had another update on it, but I couldn't find one. Any help you could provide would be great.
Thank you,

Sherri said...

Hi Samantha, thank you for writing. I definitely recommend Dr. Vickery's protocol if you're positive you're going to commit to the whole program (eating and supplements) 100%. If you don't commit from start to finish it will be a waste of time and money and you won't see much of a change at all. Also, every person is different as Dr. Vickery himself will say. Most of his patients take a year or more to heal significantly. This is pretty true for most people. It takes us a long time to become sick and it'll take a while to heal. What happens is many people become impatient with the lifestyle change and quit too soon.

If cost is a factor in your decision, I have two ways of looking at it. One is that it's less expensive than being ill. When it comes to good nutrition and supplements, I think of them as an investment in one's life and not necessarily an expense. However, I understand that in today's economy many families cannot afford an up front cost all at once for many items and so I've posted alternatives that may be of interest that can be found on the main blog site. The last few posts have detailed what I'm doing. I believe Dr. Vickery makes very good quality products and can be trusted. Truthfully, due to our large family and financial needs at that time, I did not continue the protocol, but found some alternatives that are working for me.

Very Sincerely,