Sunday, December 18, 2011

*ALERT* Great Website (Including Info On Filing For Disability)


After reading over much of the material, it's clear that documentation is KEY. You have to read it for yourself to see what I mean. That may be helpful to you to consider purchasing the Fibromyalgia Pain Management and Symptom Tracker I have listed for you. It's link is over on the right hand side of the blog along with more information.


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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Silent Cry From A Reader - POWERFUL

Hello Everyone,

I received this comment the other day and it was so powerful and raw that I decided to go ahead and make it a regular post. This precious reader is expressing things that I know I'VE felt and gone through time and time again and I know others of my friends who are PWF's (persons with fibromyalgia) have gone through as well. PLEASE READ THESE WORDS AND REMEMBER THEM. ESPECIALLY if you are NOT a PWF. Remember what we go through, love us enough to remember. We are not faking, pretending, sure of why we go through this, do not have an answer as to why our bodies react this way, and would do ANYTHING ALMOST not to have it.  Fibromyalgia, Allodynia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome SUCK! Please help us not have it suck so much by NOT forgetting that what we have is REAL, 100% 24/7, AND CHANGES EVERY DAY (sometimes within hours or even an hour!).

And finally, to my precious reader who wrote to me:  You are not alone dear friend and I appreciate SO MUCH that you took the time to write me and share what is happening. I've thought of you many times since and will continue to lift you in prayer along with my other readers and PWF's around the world. (That's a promise, not just words.... and I never use the "P-word" unless I can keep it. )  P.S. You are not exaggerating... many of us have exactly the same things happening to us too.  (((((HUG)))))

Your friend,

Comment sent in:

"I just wish I would not have to be reminding my family constantly of how I feel, because they forget, they ask things of me that it is difficult to do and I have to remind them that I can't because if I simply say I can't they always ask, why? There are times that I just do it and in the mean time I want to burst into tears because nobody can understand why and I going through, and God forbid I have a good day and want to do something fun or something that I will not be able to do any time soon because of my condition and then I get the " don't complain later of your pains" I feel so alone sometimes, I also feel that maybe I exaggerate or that maybe I will be better off alone not bringing anybody down because of how I feel. I am not depressed and I will not allow myself to get depress, is just very sad and wanted to be able to share that. "

By Anonymous on What Does Fibromyalgia Feel Like? on 12/1/11