Saturday, November 28, 2009

2 Things To Say

**** Regarding The Passing Dr. Brice E. Vickery's Beloved Wife Marilyn ****

I was sorrowed to learn that Dr. Vickery's wife Marilyn passed away quite recently. If you are a patient/customer of Super Nutrient please join me in sending a message of comfort and support to Dr. Vickery and his staff during this time.

******* ******* *******

Are You Ready to Fight???

It's noticeable that I have come to the blog less and less over the past several months. There is a reason and I wish to share it with you now. (*Warning* - There may be things you won't want to hear or accept at this time, but because I truly care about those fighting Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Allodynia, I HAVE to share these truths with you)

Several months ago, I hit a wall regarding my illness. I became absolutely fed up. Have you been there? Are you there now? I know... and I understand completely.

When I hit that wall, something inside me rose up and began to fight like never before! I made the choice to approach Fibro and Allodynia as mortal, emotional, and spiritual enemies that I absolutely do NOT want to accept in my body, mind, or spirit any longer. I turned my back on them and refused to embrace them any longer as necessary parts of my life I had to "deal" with. Yes, I still had to take medication, yes I still had to face their effects, BUT my position as "host" to them changed radically.

One of the beginning places of this change began for me when I read this article by Dr. Brice Vickery. (click on the words "this article by Dr. Brice Vickery" to see it.) It changed my mind in a profound way. I learned the most information I had learned to date after several years of searching and searching for something tangible I could do to fight against these illnesses in an effective and lasting way. I learned that there was HOPE, real hope of overcoming Fibromyalgia and Allodynia and I decided then and there that I was going to approach this thing in a whole new way!

As I've written before, I ordered the Fibromyalgia protocol from Dr. Vickery. With the order began my journey toward wellness. However, much more than that began.. I began to take on a war minded position and fight for my life and all that I have lost due to the effects of these illnesses.

What I did, rather than embrace these two "things" was to turn my back on them and all that is associated with them too. I decided "No way... I want NOTHING to do with these any longer!" and I turned away from talking about them, writing about them, and researching anything about them. I took my Protocol supplements, began a new way of eating, and continued with my medication, but each day as I improved, I kept telling myself "One day soon, all of this will be GONE and you won't be a slave to it any more!"

As I last reported, my last doctor visit yielded incredible and tangible PROOF that I was moving ahead and conquering my "enemies". Also, I am so excited to report that I HAVE ONLY HAD 2, YES 2, FIBRO FLAIRS SINCE THE END OF AUGUST!

Here are my results thus far:

1) Only 2 flairs since the end of August

2) Improved sleep

3) Increased energy

4) Increased clarity of mind

5) Increased mobility! ( I am now able to walk around at a casual pace, plus run errands for up to 3 hours WITHOUT help or extra pain medications)

6) Increased stable mood (I am much more content and much more my old self)

7) Increased interest in my old hobbies and pursuits once again

8) Increased quality time with my husband and children

9) I now am able to attend Church regularly again rather than spending the majority of my Sundays in pain, alone, while my family attended without me.

10) Increased ability to have a normal and satisfying private life with my husband

11) Increased ability to focus on others rather than on my pain. I am constantly on the lookout for ways to help other people.

12) Increased confidence and personal trust within myself

13) I am wearing attractive clothing more often again and I take time to do my hair and makeup

14) NO desire to go back and fall into becoming resolved to having illness within me

15) I smile and laugh alot more often now (which has enhanced and strengthened both my marriage and my life with my kids)

Listen to me.....

One of the most important things my P.A. Scott Brown shared with me is this: "The patients I see who resolve within themselves to find the ROOT of personal conflicts, past hurts and who are willing to look deeply at themselves within no matter what they find... are the ones who overcome (Fibromyalgia) and get a portion, if not all, of their lives back again. I've seen it only a handful of times, but it IS there."

I thought about that, knowing what I had learned about bitterness being a poison to one's body and soul. I took a deep breath, prayed, and started looking within. What I found was a host of pain from the past and recent past that I had been "holding onto" and refusing to let go of. It was a wasteland of piled up issues and memories that filled me to overflowing and to be honest, I learned that my body was manifesting all of that by letting it out in physical pain. (*This is part of the "stuff" you may not want to believe or hear right now)

I had to start taking each piece of that garbage pile in my heart, mind, and soul and looking at them one at a time and resolving to fix them or "do" something with them as much and as best as I could. If it meant hard forgiveness, I had to do it, if it meant counseling, I had to do it, if it meant distancing myself from partnerships or relationships that caused more stress, sadness, or pain than fulfillment, I had to do it, if it meant there was nothing I could actively do about a certain "piece" then I had to suck everything I could learn from it out and then move on. You get the idea. Whatever it took (and takes) to deal with each portion and put it away I had to (and have to) do.

Hey, ... I was (and am) in the fight of my life here and so far, nothing else was working. It was just masking or taking the edge off, but it was definitely not helping. I had to take drastic measures if it meant coming back and gaining some semblance of a real and fulfilling life again. I needed to feel like a contributing, functioning, and alive, woman, wife, and mother again.... and you know what? IT'S WORKING FRIENDS! IT'S TRULY WORKING!

I know what it's like to feel no hope, no reason, no ability, no energy, no willpower, no peace. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. But I want to encourage you today and lift you up. Hold out a hand and pull you to your feet and tell you that you don't have to sit one more day in that pit all by yourself and wonder if this is "it" until you die. NO! This is NOT it! Not if you don't want it to be!
There is but less than a handful of medical and holistic professionals out there who will tell you the TRUTH. That Fibromyalgia, Allodynia, and CFS are built not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well over years and years of pent up "stuff" that manifests physically eventually. You have to fight a multi-front war on these things if you are going to win! That is the truth. Comfortable or not, .... that IS the truth. Nutrition, supplements, medication, and so forth are not the only lasting solution. There is MORE to be gained if you are willing to fight it out and refuse to take less than the WHOLE answer.

I am living proof that this path that I've shared with you today toward wholeness and wellness works and IS WORKING on a daily, tangible, and provable basis. It is my earnest hope and desire that many of you, if not all of you will give it a chance and see for yourself the RELEASE of physical, emotional, and spiritual pain off of your life.

Yours in the fight,