Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Candida/Yeast Overgrowth & Fibromyalgia

Hello Everyone,

I am getting ready to begin the Fibromyalgia Protocol with Dr. Brice Vickery ( ). I am going to keep a detailed account of the process as I go through it so that there is a record here for you to read.

One of the parts of the program includes Dr. Vickery’s “Two Edged Sword Diet”. This is a program designed to detox the body of chemicals and toxins that are built up in the muscle tissues. It requires discipline to do because in order to starve out the Candida bacteria for instance, the first 30 days means no dairy, no fruits, no sugar, no carbs, or any other food or substance containing anything that contains simple or complex sugars. Candida thrives on sugar, so it must be starved out of the body.

I have included several links here for you today regarding the effects of Candida on the body and its relationship to Fibromyalgia and many other physical conditions. When I began researching this little “bad guy” I WAS SHOCKED. I am urging all of my readers to look into Candida as soon as possible!

I am very excited, but also somewhat apprehensive to start Dr. Vickery’s protocol for overcoming Fibromyalgia. He has had many, many patients come back to complete health after completing the protocol. (Keep in mind that each PWF is different and it takes different amounts of time to overcome the disease) The Two Edged Sword diet must be adhered to in order to overcome the toughest parts of the problems associated with Fibro. There are several people who have used the formulated supplements and done well, but several people who did not adhere to the eating program were NOT able to achieve wellness because the chemicals and toxins in their tissues were not cleansed out and because their gut was not well enough to even absorb any of the nutrients. Celiac, Leaky Gut, etc…these all must be overcome in order for the body to even begin to be able to absorb any nutrients and get on the way to wellness.

I encourage you to go to the links provided in the post today and also to Dr. Vickery’s website in order to read for yourself the wealth of information he has available that MOST doctors will not and do not inform us about regarding our disease. (**I do not receive any money or privileges for suggesting Dr. Vickery’s information and/or products. I simply want to and need to share what I’ve found out through him with you.)

Fibromyalgia is like dominos. There are several key factors that contribute to the disease and WHY it happens. (Finally some answers!!!) Once one system breaks down, it’s like a domino effect and several systems break down resulting in the problems we face as Fibro patients.
Friends, there is hope. There is hope. There IS hope!

I will let you know what is happening to me as I move ahead with the Vickery Fibromyalgia Protocol.

Have a blessed day today! Here’s to your success!

Candida Information Links:






** (Gluten Intolerance)





Anonymous said...

Hi Sherri, It's so nice to see you back. Thank you for sharing what you are facing. Know that I always wish you the best and that you are and will always be in my heart, thoughts and prayers. I hope this works for you that it might for everybody else that has this evil in their body and life.

Be well always,


Sandy said...

I shall follow your progress with interest. The Candida or other yeast and bacterial overgrowth is a problem in many conditions. It is a complex problem but in many cases low thyroid function is involved in the poor immune system function.

There is no doubt that fibromyalgia sufferers have problems in their detox pathways and by improving them will help enormously.

You have a lot of great information on this site.

Jamie said...

Hi Sherri,
I just want you to know that I view your website as an absolute gem; even though you are only beginning your fibro. detox, your sense of hope is inspiring! I have had fibro. for 5 years. No doctor knew what was wrong. Then, 4 weeks ago, my acupuncturist got my stool sample results. I have a rare yeast in my digestive tract, Candida Lambica. Given my history and problems with yeast, I am CONVINCED that this is the reason for so much of my suffering. I have been on this elimination diet now for 3 weeks. I will tell you that I am suffering from pretty awful die-off effects, but I am committed to seeing this through. I wish you the best of luck killing those yeasty beasts- fight the good fight!!
San Mateo, CA

Fibromyalgia said...

Fibromyalgia is often aggravated due to stress and strain and being sluggish. It might also cause due to lack of exercise. Doing exercise in daily routine, talking walk, can relieve pain. Aqua or water aerobics is the simplest exercise for those ailing from fibromyalgia pain, also specially for over weight people.

Kat said...

Excellent Blog !

I have started taking Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules for the joint pain and it seems to be working. I also feel less depressed. Could also be the yoga and stretching I do every morning. Acupuncture is something I want to look into also. Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Melinda said...

Sherri, the program you mentioned :Two Edged Sword Diet" is really out of the box experiment.

Detoxification is a very necessary step if the person suffering from Candida wants to reduce the yeast fungus overgrowth in the body.

I am completely agree that you need to have a distinct discipline to follow this program correctly.

It is really hard for normal people to give up on the foods like high carbs, high sugar dairy and outside junk products.

But if you really want to get rid of Candida completely then you must learn to avoid sugary food in your diet. Thanks for this information.