Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fibromyalgia - Negative Press

Hello Everyone,

I received an email this afternoon from my friend Bob Hall over at http://www.menwithfibro.com/ and I'm going to share it with you so that you know about this article and you can decide whether you'd like to speak out about it, or let it go.

Either way, you have a right to know.

Here's what Bob wrote:

"This is an article I found, and it comes off very offensive to the fibro community. Please feel free to respond to the reporter who created this masterpiece. Spread the word to other groups you may belong, and we must take a stand and be heard about such babble.

I realize we will always this type of negative press, but we don't have to take it in silence.
Thanks BOB
Dothan EagleP.O. Box 1968, Dothan, AL 36302
Mr. Jim Cook, a reporter on staff in charge of writing EDUCATION related articles authored this little jewel. Take a little time, read it, and feel free to comment on the website about what you think of his masterpiece.
I am enclosing email addresses of other members of the Dothan Eagle Staff so you can forward copies to them also.

I realize we will always face this type of negative press, but I also realize we do not have to take it without presenting our opinion of such mindless babble. Again, if you find it offensive, please join us in commenting on the article. At the very least, we can stand up and be counted.

Bob Hall
Men With Fibro

Publisher: Jim Whitten jwhittum@dothaneagle.com
Managing Editor: Ken Tuck ktuck@dothaneagle.com
City Editor: Kendall Clinton kclinton@dothaneagle.com
Editorial Page:William Perkins wperkins@dothaneagle.com
News Editor: Christi Kulavich ekulavich@dothaneagle.com
Reporter - Education: Jim Cook jcook@dothaneagle.com "

Sherri's Thoughts:

Clearly Mr. Cook has written comments that are offensive to many people in the fibro community. Personally, I was also shocked at some of the negative and rude comments that were made by others who had read his comments and posted replies to the article saying extremely negative things about PWF's.

The struggle for us to be taken seriously is ongoing, frustrating, exhausting, and uphill. Rather than give this article any more attention than it deserves, (which in my opinion is NONE), I'm going to continue to focus on those in the fibro community and medical community who are interested in legitimizing our situation and who are working on finding answers such as the work being done for the past few decades by Dr. Brice Vickery. (See his link on the right side of my blog)

I'm sorry you guys.... I'm sorry that we have to see this kind of thing (STILL) and that there are those out there who STILL believe we are faking, lazy, mooches and pill poppers. How ignorant. But the reality is... it's out there and we have to deal with it, just like any other people who suffer jokes and being made fun of for a variety of issues and difficulties.

There are people out there without a moral center of integrity or personal conviction and they thrive on cutting others down in order to feed their cynicism and load up on feeling superior and oppositional. They believe it's a "mark of intelligence", or somehow shows that they are "cool" because they're being "politically incorrect".

They are self deceived.
That's a sad state to be in.

So Jim Cook, I will be adding you to my prayers and asking for you to be blessed with a sense of conviction and humility so that you will turn around and recant your comments. I will pray that you learn from your mistake and become a voice FOR us, rather than AGAINST us.

And more than this.... I forgive you Jim Cook for the severe hurt, embarrassment, humiliation, and offense your words caused me for a few moments today. (as I watch another clump of hair fall out of my head from the toxic chemicals in my medication that only takes the edge off of the pain I feel 24 hours a day 7 days a week.)

I honestly forgive you.

Please be more careful with your writing in the future Mr. Cook, because IT MATTERS.