Thursday, May 7, 2009

Celebrate The Stick!

Hello Everyone,

I had sort of a humorous, but not, post for us today. During this fibro flare I've been back on my cane for walking support and as I was dropping my daughter off at school today I was thinking about my cane. Then I was thinking about all of you, and I thought, "embrace the stick!" "If you have to use one, use one with STYLE!". Why should we let Fibro or CFS or Allodynia steal our style??? We shouldn't!

I went hunting on eBay for walking sticks and canes and OH BOY! I came across some exquisite pieces and I had to run over here to POF and tell you about them. For instance, take a look at this link This seller has 100% positive feedback and has so many different styles and prices. There's virtually something for everyone! They have beautiful pieces for men and women, formal and informal, cherry wood, etched, silver handled, pink swirls, purple, flowers, patterns, contemporary modern, mother of pearl, left handed... you name it. I was so impressed!

Listen to me friends; fighting for your quality of life means taking what you have and celebrating YOURSELF. If you have to wear certain clothing to make life easier, if you need walking assistance, if you need to carry a purse, if you need to look super sharp at work, if you are patriotic, crafty, unusual,.... whatever you have to do to make your world easier to manage, whatever makes you special, celebrate YOU.

I put some pics of some beautiful walking sticks and canes here just to show you. If you have to use one, then get one that just oozes your personal style and spunk. Make it part of your wardrobe and walk in style. Celebrate the GIFT of walking. There are so many who can't...

If you are feeling down, get out a piece of paper and start listing anything and everything that you love and are thankful for. I don't care if it's a coffee cup that just perks you up, WRITE IT DOWN. Count your blessings and focus on the good things you have around you. It will help you to fight, help you to focus, help you to fight bitterness and depression, and it will help you remain strong inside.

(*Today is our National Day of Prayer! I will be including all of you in my prayers today. I will be asking The Lord to bless you, guide you, protect you, and make Himself known to you. I will also be lifting our country up in prayer and seeking The Lord's directions for how to maneuver through the vast amount of changes we are experiencing. Pray for our nation today!)

Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You don't have to do this alone.
I wish you a very, very blessed day today!

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God's Girl said...

Oh... you are so cute. Praying for you tonight Sherri! Praying that you feel better soon.

Love you,