Thursday, April 23, 2009

UPDATE - Dr. Brice E. Vickery - What I Learned About Fibromyalgia & What You Should Know Too

Hello Everyone,

I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Vickery as well as his assistant Michelle today. We spent quite a good bit of time talking and going over my symptoms and issues with Fibromyalgia.

Yesterday I posted an ALERT here on the blog and then I went to everyone I could think of who is living with Fibromyalgia, Allodynia, & CFS to tell them (no, URGE them) to please, please, please take a look at the video and links I had posted here. I had a very strong gut feeling that I had stumbled upon something big,...VERY big. Well, I wasn't disappointed, especially after meeting Dr. Vickery for myself over the phone. The man is nothing short of astounding.

Talk about PASSIONATE about what he's doing! He absolutely is driven to help as many of us as he can and believe me he's paid a heavy price to do it. The mainstream medical community absolutely refuses to back him or admit that he has an advanced and corrective handle on Fibromyalgia as well as other illnesses. They won't do it, because he only practices holistic medicine which the majority do not believe is legitimate medicine. (I suspect it's a money issue as well. The pharmasutical companies and medical offices impacted would be huge.)

My question is.... why can't the two work hand in hand? That's Dr. Vickery's question too. The applied science behind his research is all but self evident to even the most untrained of curiosity seekers. Because he uses testing that is not "mainstream", he is somehow categorized as less than trustworthy by the "movers and shakers" within the medical community (and even by some in the Chiropractic community). You know what I say???? WHO CARES! I say, "Let me find out for myself".

I was able to find several patient testimonies from those he has helped and who now have their health and lives back. ( and are a couple of pages of testimonies) Beyond this though, what draws me the most about the research and conclusions he explains in detail, is that line by line, symptom by illness, I can go down the list and compare my own personal history with and SEE it. There is a definite pattern that matches up. The problem has been that I've only ever seen 1 thing at a time instead of looking at Fibromyalgia as a SET of problems that have to be solved. When looked at it in entirety, the whole picture becomes clear and now makes not just sense, but common sense. I find myself continually nodding my head "yep, I've had that and this and that over there, and oh yeah, that happened or is happening...". Even more than that, I finally understood why just one thing alone hasn't been THE answer for me yet. I've tried several things as you know from the information I've put on the blog before (like about Serrapeptase - which I STILL think is a remarkable enzyme. I still recommend it with the caveat that you may need to take it over a period of time to see long term benefits.), but each thing I've tried has only addressed one area or specific target rather than a set of targets.
By the time our conversation was over today I was even more convinced that this man has a key and I have to use it for myself to find out how far I can go to get my life back. He showed me things I was aware of and things I was not aware of but able to verify. (Such as the impact of yeast, the chlamydia pneumoniae germ, formaldehyde poisoning, and Celiac Disease upon Fibromyalgia) I walked away from the conversation feeling full and satisfied as if I had just been treated to an all you can eat buffet of information. He also gave me directions for further research on my own. (Which I did as soon as we hung up)

I found Dr. Vickery to be knowledgeable, passionate, driven, and good humored. He was also able to deftly hand out the good and the bad news in a way that didn't leave me wrecked and hopeless. (We've all been there haven't we?)

The truth is, the road back for me will not be easy, and it will not be fun at first. He talked to me about going on the specialized diet he has developed for his patients that requires me to cut out all gluten and all sugar. (I shudder to think that I have to miss the love affair I have with my coffee each morning for a while...)
He also was able to determine that because of the degraded state of my digestive system, there is a good chance that I would not have success using his Fibromyalgia Protocol unless we heal my gut and get it straightened out first. I simply wouldn't even be able to absorb the most basic of amino acids and enzymes. However, he has seen this before and was able to discover what to do to fight against it and bring the absorption rate back so that the rest of the program can actually benefit people like me instead of us throwing money away and walking away unhelped.

Now, he didn't have to tell me that. He could have just said "oh you need this and this" and left it there, not caring whether I regained my health or not. He'd have his money and I'd be left feeling scammed. But he DID tell me, and he even admitted that before he was able to discover why a few of his patients were not helped by the Protocol, it seemed there would be failure for some. Rather than getting discouraged, he set about finding out why. He worked with them until he was able to discover the correlation between the damage in the intestine (basically he said it's like the intestinal wall is burned and the villi that are supposed to be present, are damaged) and the inability to absorb even the most basic of components. Therefore the body could not heal itself like it would be able to do normally. I have a lot of respect for anyone who can admit a fall back, but who takes the experience as a stepping stone to go further until they can solve it.

I could go on and on, but I think it would be best to just recommend talking with him, emailing him, and going to his site to read for yourself what he has to say. Each person has to decide for themselves whether they want to take the next step and try his Protocol and find out if it helps them. I've decided I'm going to go for it because I have nothing to lose other than some money. However, compared to the expense of what Fibromyalgia has cost me and my family personally and professionally, the expense is minimal. I told him that I needed a little extra time before I can purchase the Protocol and he was fine with that. He didn't try and sell me, pressure me, or sway me with incentives. He just respected it. He went ahead and took all of my information, listed out all of the products and prices and said when I was ready it would all be in the order system ready for me. I appreciated that very much.

Dr. Vickery gave me permission to use his logo to post here on the blog for my readers. It is on the right hand side close to the top. Please at least go and read what he has to say. At least you will come away with more information and more to go on than before. I do not get any kickbacks, discounts, or incentives for advertising him. I am only spreading the word.

I care very much about those living with these illnesses, and I wish you the very best,


Anonymous said...

Good morning Sherri,

Once again you're an amazing person. Although it's not me that deals directly with the fibro, many things you noted today touch home for me dealing with 2 women with fibro that I did, do and always will love and care for. I appreciate your research and will to never give up seeking out the people such as the good Dr. you spoke at length with and about. You are probably making more progress towards drastic change for all who suffer from this dibilitaing evil. Keep up the good work!!!!!! I will pass this along when I have the chance to do so. Thank you , thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!


Sherri said...

Thank you for writing me Ken!

I was feeling frustrated and discouraged because many visitors came to the blog in the past 2 days and no one said a word. I was hoping so hard that someone, anyone, would find some answers after looking over what Dr. Vickery has to say. I didn't hear a word and I was so concerned.

I'm NOT angry with my readers by any means. What I'm angry about is that the Fibromyalgia Community has been so beaten down and exhausted by trying over and over and over again to find something that WORKS only to be let down. Now many of my fellow PWF's (People with Fibromyalgia) don't have the willpower, the strength emotionally or physically, or the HOPE to believe that someone out there has found an ANSWER and is trying very hard to make sure we know about it.

Dr. Vickery has decades of rejection under his belt and yet the man keeps going. I suspect some of that fortitude has to do with his military training long ago. He comes from a generation of very focused, committed, patriots that gave ALL for our country. Dr. Vickery .... well I could go on and on.

Am I crazy to shout praises for this man's work??? Some will say yes, and some may be blessed to actually find out no. I know that at this point in time it's my responsibility to tell people about his work so they can TRY, just once more, to see if it works for them. If just 1 person wins back their will be worth it.

I started this blog with the determination that if I found anything worth telling the Fibromyalgia Community, I would. If I don't tell people about Dr. Vickery's research and findings, I will be responsible for the continuing of devastation in many people's lives who come to POF to find answers and information. When a person finds solid information and then hordes it to them self, it is an atrocity.

Thank you again for writing. May you have a blessed day today. Also, thank you for being a crusader for those you care for who have Fibro!


Gisele said...

HI SHERRI: I was just looking for more info on Dr Vickery and found your blog. I also just found Dr Vickery and am highly intrigued to learn more and get started with his program. I would love to hear of any further input you have about your experiences. Did you get started on the protocol?
I love the name of your blog 'Prospering...". Thank-you for your caring and sharing and the very best to you.

K S said...

Hi Sherri, I had a very similar experience to you minus the phone call. Did 4 months of his Fibro #! w/ Sea Aloe Gold package and did not improve. But I called him and he said I was not absobing. Now I am on a custom made package (will last 1 month) that is very expensive and has many components. Hopefully I get better.

Cheryl Johnson said...

I was researching Dr Vickery and am curious if you tried his method and what the results were. I see this blog is from 2009. It's January 2015 now...

Sherri said...

Hi Cheryl,

Thank you for writing. The truth is I did order Dr. Vickery's protocol and I recommend it to anyone. Although I did not follow the instructions for the Double Edged Sword diet with much discipline in the end, the supplements DID begin to have a positive effect on me. It's my OWN fault for not following the protocol more closely. I caved in to the foods that are bad for me. I need to be on a gluten free, sugar free diet for at least 30-90 days because of the yeast build up in my system alone.

After doing a few years of trying anything and everything, Dr. Vickery's information, supplements, and food recommendations made the most sense and had the most positive effect. I have no doubt that if I had followed the Double Edged Sword diet to the "T", I would be much further along than I am now.

Now, Dr. Vickery is not shy about saying that it takes the body a long time to get to the breakdown point, and it WILL take a little while for it to heal and recover. This is not a "get well instantly" situation.

Some of his patients feel better faster, and some take longer. Each person is different. After talking with him personally over the phone at length, I have no hesitations about recommending at the very least trying the protocol for 90 days. But don't be like me and fudge on the food. Do the whole thing just the way he has it down. It's too much of a waste of your good money to only go half way and get half the results. That was my mistake. That, and at the time I started, I was still smoking so I was somewhat defeated in getting the chemicals out of my system to start with. Now that I'm a non-smoker, I feel I would make much, much, better progress and feel less weighed down by my old habits. I kept the supplements I ordered and took them, but I have not ordered any more since I wanted to commit to the whole program exactly as Dr. Vickery has it put together.

I sincerely hope this information helps you in your decision. If now is not the right time for you to go on the protocol, at the very least increase your Vitamin D intake significantly, only use organic sugar or Stevia, and only use 'free range' organic meats and eggs to start with. The more organic you can eat, the less chemicals you are putting in your tissues. This will help detox your tissues over time and result in feeling better.

Very Respectfully,

Sherri Kohls