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"Support Groups
Local support groups offer their own individual format. In addition to friendly gatherings, groups may host speakers to discuss the latest in therapies and treatments, or offer a professional’s point of view in managing life-altering chronic illnesses. Our listings also include groups that provide phone support only.

Anyone can obtain support group information in their state by sending a business-sized, self-addressed, first-class stamped envelope to:

Fibromyalgia Network
P.O. Box 31750
Tucson, AZ 85751

Request a support group listing for connections in your state today.

Why Our Support Groups Are Not Online
The Fibromyalgia Network does not offer listings or contact information on support group leaders online to avoid misuse, solicitation, or contact by unscrupulous or unethical entities seeking to promote their own gain. This list is provided as patient support for reference only. The use of these lists for marketing, advertising, or any other promotional purposes is prohibited.

Start a Support Group
Forming a support group in your area could be your best medicine. Not only does the involvement and activity serve an important purpose of bringing people together to share common issues, successes, and experiences, but also it provides group leaders a sense of fulfillment and connectedness. The Fibromyalgia Network offers free resources and support to anyone interested in starting a local support group.

The Support Group Leader Starter Kit is a 40-page packet that contains information on getting started, working together, tips on keeping the group going, understanding challenges you may face, self-help coping articles, advocacy and research, and links to other useful websites.

The Support Group Leader Starter Kit is available in PDF format and can be downloaded right now free of charge.

If you prefer to receive the kit by mail, please send us a 9" x 12" self-addressed envelope with $4.95 postage affixed. Don't forget to tell us that you are requesting the Support Group Leader Starter Kit.

If you are interested in starting a support group or know of one in your area, e-mail with your questions or comments."

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