Thursday, March 5, 2009

Microbial Biofilm Bacteria and Mycoplasm May Be Linked to Fibromyalgia

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I'm currently looking into this new information and will post more once I have some substantial news. I want to go ahead and post the terms "Microbial Biofilm Bacteria" and "Mycoplasm" so that you can also begin to do some research and start asking questions to your health care providers in the mean time.

This is fairly new information for me, and there is quite alot of "hunting and pecking" I am doing in order to find some substantial articles and information for you.

If anyone has solid (more scientifically written than "laymen" speculation) information or article/website links that have more to tell us please go ahead and post those in the comments section for us.

**Here is one link that is very interesting. It is more tied to CFS, but since many of us with Fibro also have CFS we should stand up and take notice:

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Anonymous said...

Good morning Sherri,
Once again I found your blog informative. Granted, it's an older blog from March but it's what jumped into my lap today. With another search based on what you shared, I found this link that may be educational for your readers. Good luck to you all!!

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Anonymous said...

I found this article (link below)on nattokinase and lumbrokinase used in breaking down the biofilm bacteria which suppodely illudes the immune system and causes immune disorders, inclduing fibro, lupus and CFS. Even more amazing is that these enzymes are freely available.

Anyone had any success with these. I note the article (link below)was only posted 12 days ago.

Anna Z