Sunday, February 15, 2009

*Blessing I Have To Share*

Hi Everyone,

I just had to share this real quick. I received the most amazing letter in my email today from the gentleman who runs the Men With Fibromyalgia website. He found the link I had for his website here on the blog and wrote me last night.

Let me share that his email was one of those "HUGS" from God that we so often get when we need it most. BOB HALL, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Brother!!

If you are a gentleman living with Fibro please go and check out Bob's fantastic site just for guys. He has a LOT of information and help there for you. Ladies, it's worth going over there to look too because he has information from the latest news and so forth that pertains to all of us.

**If you get a chance, drop Bob an email using the blinking red light at the top of his website and tell him how much you appreciate what he is doing to reach out to men who so often try to "deal" with the very real issues of Fibro in silence. If you have information to share I know he'd love to hear from you too.**

Here's to your success!

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