Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What Can I Do? - Find a Need & Fulfill It

Hello Everyone,

It's Day#2 and I have very little pain but more joyously, I have NO fatigue and flu-like symptoms in my body today! I am rejoicing and I am so grateful and excited for what lies ahead.

Listen, I'm not anyone special in the world's eyes, but in my prayers this week I made a pledge to Christ my Lord that if He would take my pain away, I would get active and serve Him by helping others immediately.

I've had our neighborhood on my mind and heart so heavily lately. I'm watching house after house go down in foreclosures, families hurting, people under pressure and I desperately want to do SOMETHING to reach out and help. What can I do????

Well because I feel great today physically, I made step 1 in keeping my word to The Lord. I made a flyer for our community mailbox and I simply asked "Would You Like Prayer for Anything?" and I gave my prayer request email address at proverbs24.16@gmail.com for people to contact me at. I gave my word that I would not bombard anyone with religious pressure and that any prayer requests I received would be kept confidential. I even said they could remain anonymous if they would like. I said I simply wanted to reach out and do something small but powerful and meaningful to show support for our community and the families in our community.

Step 2 - I had an idea to help out each other in our neighborhood with needs people may have. Because of the extreme economic pressure many of us are facing, I want to do SOMETHING to help bring our community together to help one another instead of each person and family remaining in isolation and dealing with things alone. So I wrote our community manager to ask if I needed permission from our HOA to administer my idea.

The idea is to have a "Trade Day" in our neighborhood. We would gather our things (clothing, toys, electronics, non-perishable foods...) most likely things we would probably sell at a yard sale that we no longer need or use. Then we would make trades with the things we no longer need and use for things we do need. No money will change hands it would simply be fair and even trades. I am so excited to see if this can be done! If the HOA says it's okay then I'll hand out flyers to announce it and ask for any volunteers who want to help set it up and monitor the event. There is a little green belt field by our community mailbox where we can gather and set up tables, boxes, and so forth. I can see how during Trade Day neighbors can have the opportunity to meet one another and begin talking. I can see people beginning to feel that they are not alone and how we can work together to meet each other's needs. I pray that this event can be done and done successfully.

So what can YOU do? I want to encourage you to look around you. Look at your neighborhood, your job site, your co-workers,...anything! Do you plainly see needs that can be fulfilled in some way? Why not step out and take your ideas to the table. See what others think and if you can get people to help you do your task. Do you know someone who is a shut in, or needs help because they are ill? Take them a care box... reach out and let them know they are not alone.

Listen, this nation is a powerful force when we band together to help each other. During 9/11 and afterward we saw the enormous power of people reaching out to touch one another's lives and come together to meet needs. We are being torn apart by politics, race wars, gas prices, job losses, home losses, and health concerns and that's just the tip of the iceburg. We have the ability to do something to help each other if we will become courageous and brave and break out of isolation. It starts with just one person willing to step out and ask "What can I do to help you today?".

There is a law that is true and it states: "what goes around, comes around" or "you reap what you sow". I've seen this law come to pass many times in my own life. I've seen it work. I'm encouraging you to test it for yourself. You may not see immediate results in some cases, or you may see results right away depending on how things work out, but I promise you if you sow kindness, you will see kindness, if you sow help, you'll get help.

I am living proof. I can't tell you the number of times we've had people just drop off food boxes at our home during the summer when we have all six of our children living with us. Because of our financial situation due to my physical limitations, money is very tight during the summer when all 8 of us are living together. We don't ask and we don't say a word, we just pray and say "Lord, You know our needs and we trust You." Then we get busy seeing what we can do to help someone else or give to someone else. No matter how small....it ALL counts. Even if you just offer water to a salesman or woman at your door....it ALL counts.

Put yourself in someone else's shoes. Imagine what you might need if you were them. Focus on someone else for just a while and see how much joy and satisfaction you get from fulfilling the need of someone else. It feels great!!! If you have clothes you don't need, find someone who needs them. If you have shoes you don't need, find someone who needs them. If you have jewelry you no longer use, find a young person starting out in their career who would look great in them for their new position. If you have tools you no longer need or use, find a young man who can use them, if you have books you no longer read, take them to a nursing home. Give anonymously and have fun with it! Find ways to bless others and blessings will come back to you as well! Get creative and you'll soon begin to discover a flow of ideas and creative ways to bless others.

Here's to Your Success!


Oleg G. Kildyushov said...

Thank you so wishes.
Have a good day!

Sherri said...

Thank you Oleg! Bless you!