Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was a pivotal day for me on this new journey ahead. As I have said, this is not mumbo jumbo name it and claim it for me but rather a journey of faith. Not hoping some thing's going to change, but knowing some thing's going to change even before I see the results.

Yesterday morning I had virtually no pain and no fatigue in my body for the first time in years! I felt so relieved and so peaceful that I just laid there and basked in the wonderful release! I didn't care how long it lasted, I just wanted to soak up every moment of feeling free. I called my mother first thing in the morning and we had a little phone celebration together! My husband and I had some sweet prayer time and we thanked The Lord for how great I felt.

As it turned out, I was free of pain and fatigue all day long and into the late night hours before any twinges started to affect me. I was so excited!

This morning, I have some pain in my legs and lower back and in my neck, but I have less than I've had in a very, very long time, and more joyfully, no flu-like body aches and fatigue. I am rejoicing in the whole process. I am absolutely convinced that one day I will see the results in my body that I already know deep down within my soul. This illness is even now being destroyed at the roots and my job is to keep going and keep focusing on health and wellness as one of my readers EV so wisely stated in the comments section of my last post. Absolutely! EV was right. Keep working on wellness, not just "saying" but "doing". Right on!

In the mean time, I just want to send out encouragement and a cyber (((hug))) to you out there. If you are feeling hopeless, frustrated, afraid, angry, or any of the other myriad of emotions that we who live with chronic pain and fatigue feel, I want you to know that you are not alone and that you MATTER and you are important. I come to this blog daily with the mindset that my goal is to reach out and tell you just that. Don't give up and don't stop fighting for your quality of life!

Here's to Your Success!

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Sherri said...

*** Letter I Wrote to My Friend Who Was Just Diagnosed ***

I'm so blessed to be able to share encouragement and strength with you (((HUG)))

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Allodynia in June 2007 after 2 years of tests and tests and tests and physical therapy and medicines and herbal remedies. Nothing was helping until The Lord lead me to my current doctor and his P.A.

I know how difficult it is to carry this burden physically, mentally, and spiritually. The pain and fatigue plus the other symptoms can be debilitating. Hope can wax and wain. I know, I know... (((HUG)))

At first, my stance was this..."Lord I will carry this burden if You have a purpose for it to help others. I need Your strength to see me through while I live with these syndromes. I WILL NOT allow myself to see it as a handicap, but as a blessing and tool to reach others for you. I rejoice that in my pain, I will be able to REALLY empathize and relate to those You bring across my path to help and encourage. I will NOT become bitter or give up on myself or YOU Lord."

This past weekend, after going through what seemed like the millionth flare and being unable to even dress myself without feeling like I was going to pass out.... I cried out to The Lord again for a Word from Him. My symptoms had become so bad that medication wasn't helping,I was losing my hair, and more importantly, I was losing hope. I couldn't do anything any more that was productive in my home, with my husband, or my children. I was becoming a "nothing". I realized that the fruit of the Spirit was gone and that nothing was being produced that was a Praise or a testimony for Christ any longer and I was under oppression. The whole "tone" of this jourey had changed and the peace was gone out of it.

I cried out to God and asked Him to show me if He still wanted me to carry the illnesses as a ministry, a witness and testimony and this time, He showed me "No", that His purpose in the physical ailments was over and the season had come to an end.

I listened to several messages on TBN this past weekend and all of them had virtually the same message regarding healing and faith in the power and authority of Jesus's Name.

Bayless Conley shared how his pastor had a growth on his body and he cursed it every day by the authority of Jesus's Name and the thing fell off after some time. Then Bayless decided to exercise the same faith regarding a very painful wart he had on his foot. He cursed it every day by the authority of Jesus's Name and after some time it fell off.

I thought to myself, "I can curse these syndromes every day and demand that they leave my body now. I can reject and refuse the pain because The Lord showed me His purpose in serving Him with it has come to and end now." I stood up crying and said out loud "Fibromyalgia and Allodynia I curse you! I refuse you in my body any longer and I demand that you die, wither away and die by the power and authority of Jesus's Name." Then I began to meditate on the power of The Lord to regenerate the body, to resurrect the body (He did this for Lazarus, the boy who had died, and He did this for Himself) and then I began to meditate on the fact that He opened Sarah's womb, Hanna's womb, and Rachel's womb. I meditated on the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years and how when she came to the end of all that she could do, she turned to Jesus Who was the only One with the power to restore her body. I realized with absolute assurance that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and that He has the power to restore my body too. I realized that He gave me the breath of life to begin with and being my Creator had absolute authority over my body! I began to speak out loud "Body live again! Cells and atoms be renewed by the power of Jesus's Name. Come back to life!" The Lord gave me the following Scriptures to speak into my body and my heart as seeds to build my faith in His authority over my physical body. Acts 17:28, Mark 11:23&24, and Mark 5:34. I speak them out loud every day.

I pleaded with The Lord to restore my life so that I could become functional again and live a life that Praises Him. I said that if He would take away my pain, I would immediately begin to serve Him by helping others, I would praise Him in my housework, I would become active immediately in appreciating my life and making my actions (however menial the task) a praise to Him. I said I would dedicate myself to ministering to others who are in chronic pain and who need encouragement. I said I would like to be a living bodily testimony for Him to use however He likes. I was in prayer for hours with Him just basking in His presence and touching His feet spiritually.

I have been almost completely pain free for 3 days now. I have no fatigue and no flu-like symptoms. I have been rejoicing and enjoying every single moment of this freedom! Even making my daughter's lunch has become a celebration for me! LOL!

Be encouraged, there is HOPE and LOVE and COMPASSION from The Lord for you. He holds every part of you in His heart and in His hands. Cry out to Him that you will give Him full control over your situation and wait on Him to see how He wants to use it in your life. If He gives you a Word that this is a curse He does not want for you that you have the authority as His child to curse it and "kill" it every day by speaking against it and rejecting it in your body. Follow The Holy Spirit's lead for how to proceed and what to say and do. Each person's relationship with Jesus is different and the reasons for the illness may be different. (Such as oppression from enemy, a ministry opportunity to empathize with others, a curse spoken against you...etc.) There may be reasons for it that only He knows and can tell you.

If He gives you a Word that He's going to use this as a tool in your life then immediately decide that you will accept His control over it and remain at peace because if He's in control of it and using it for a reason, He WILL give the strength and resources you need to carry this ministry opportunity for Him until or unless He says that season is over.

((((HUG)))) I am here for you!!!!! Please don't hesitate to contact me at proverbs24.16@gmail.com and lean on me for prayer and help. That's what I'm here for until He gives me another mission. **(For others who may be interested as well, my blog is called "Prospering Over Fibromyalgia" if you click on my name at this post it will take you there and there is a ton of information and resources to help. I update it very frequently as The Lord leads.)

Lastly, I love you with the family love only Christians can share in The Lord. You are NOT alone. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. (((HUG)))

May The Lord bless you and comfort you. May He surround you with His peace and hope. May you have assurance of His power to keep you and provide for every single need you have. Amen.

Love you so much!

Your sister in Christ,