Friday, August 8, 2008

*Work At Home* - Cust. Service Agent

Hello Everyone,

I want to give you the link to a company website that offers the ability for you to work as a Customer Service agent at home. You set your schedule, so it's flexible.

One of our family members has been with West At Home for over a year now. He said it really helps their family have the extra income they need to make ends meet. After he gets home from work, he has dinner and then gets ready for his shift with West At Home. His lovely wife suffered a ruptured aneurysm last year and we almost lost her. Thankfully she pulled through after a very traumatic experience. With the extra hospital bills he chose to work with West At Home part time. This has helped them get back on their feet and they can both spend time together and with their two girls.

I don't refer products, services, or opportunities unless I have used them, tried them and found them worthwhile, or know someone trustworthy who has used them and can give me a good referral. I like to be able to give you good and useful information that helps you whether it's in business or regarding fighting Fibro and/or Allodynia.

Here is the link for you

Here's to Your Success!

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