Sunday, August 17, 2008

News to Ponder and Investigate

Hello Everyone,

You may need to bear with me for a few moments while I jot down some thoughts that may seem difficult to piece together at first. Something I love about thought is the path along which we travel in order to ask first the question, then discover more questions to be asked. Hopefully at some point an answer will be found and that is the passion of loving thought in the first place for me.

I want to share with you a decision I've made regarding looking further into ways to either manage fibro/allodynia pain, or reverse it all together. It's important to me to keep talking to you so that together we can lock arms and fight for our quality of life. Each of us plays a vital role in determining what our outcome will be. I meet people all over who inspire me to go further, reach higher and question deeper and then come back here to write it all down for my readers. Each person with body pain has something vital to contribute whether through experience, answers, or support.

Please bear with me while I explain how I reached the decision I made and what I'm going to keep you updated on as I go along.

In his book "Saint" Ted Dekker's main character is an assassin who has been trained using highly controversial and secret methods in order to become the best of the best. As part of his training the character learns to control his body and body functions in a much more focused way than most of us have learned to do in normal every day life. This character was able to lower or elevate his heart beat at will, control the need to remove waste, control brain function... and so forth. While I was reading the book, (other than the fact that I LOVE TED DEKKER books! lol!) I was struck with a thought that propelled me toward questions and more questions about what and how much is possible for Fibro/Allodynia sufferers to control using the power of the brain. (As a note: I'm not referring to hypnosis here) Is it possible? Are there any cases where people have done it? Have there been people cured?

The next piece of my thought pattern was brought forward because of Scripture. Being a woman of faith, Scripture is vital to me. The Scripture teaches in several places the relationship between negative emotions, thoughts, and attitudes leading to poor health. It also teaches that negative words can bring disastrous results to a human body. These show a clear relationship between what is received as negative to the mind manifesting through the physical body.

The next piece of my thought pattern developed while searching for information on whether anyone has claimed they've found a cure for Fibromyalgia. Let me just say first of all that I was very surprised that there are several people who HAVE claimed to have found a cure for the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Why aren't we hearing more about them?????????? So of course my next step was to find out what they had to say.

Okay, the first thing I found was lots and lots of herbal remedies and exercise techniques and I firmly believe both of these are helpful and important for ANY person seeking good health. Vitamins and nutrients along with exercise are just plain vital to the human being. Period. In fact one book that I purchased today is "Reversing Fibromyalgia - The Whole-Health Approach to Overcoming Fibromyalgia Through Nutrition, Exercise, Supplements, and Other Lifestyle Factors" by Dr. Joe M. Elrod

The next thing I found was purely on accident. I was looking up a program on reversing fibromyalgia, when I came across a link for a book called "Freedom from Fibromyalgia" by Nancy Selfridge and Franklynn Peterson. I casually read over the book contents only to find a surprising revelation that tied all of the other pieces of my thought patterns (that I described above) together! I also learned about another book by John Sarno, M.D. called "Mind Over Back Pain" that lead me down another road altogether.

OK, so where am I going with all of this????

1) I'm curious to know if the brain can be used to manage and/or reverse body pain from Fibromyalgia and/or Allodynia (Again, I'm not referring to hypnosis)

2) Has anyone claimed to be cured of their symptoms by using the brain?

3) If monks, martial artists, and military personnel have used the brain to regulate body function why can't we? How do I learn it?

4) Where do I find reliable, trustworthy information so I can begin learning the answers to my questions?

After several hours of reading and researching I found three books that I purchased today. All claim to have information on using the brain (understanding the brain's role) in overcoming pain and illness. I decided that I'm going to find out if what they are teaching works, has merit, and is something I would recommend to you. As I read them and delve into finding out the answers to my questions I will share what I find out so that you can decide if you'd like to find out too. (I'm also going to look into two other books by John E. Sarno called "The Mindbody Prescription" and "The Divided Mind")

Here are the books and their authors:

1) "Reversing Fibromyalgia - The Whole-Health Approach to Overcoming Fibromyalgia Through Nutrition, Exercise, Supplements, and Other Lifestyle Factors" by Dr. Joe M. Elrod

2) "Freedom from Fibromyalgia" by Nancy Selfridge and Franklynn Peterson

3) "Mind Over Back Pain" by John E. Sarno, M.D.

(As an interesting side note: ABC News's John Stossel wrote an excerpt in his book "Give Me a Break" regarding John Sarno that was highly positive. You can read it at using the "search inside" feature and look under page 229. Or you can look up "John E. Sarno" in the search field at Amazon and it will eventually show John Stossel's book because of the excerpt in his book on Dr. Sarno.)

Here's to your success!

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