Thursday, July 31, 2008

Don't Give In! Keep Moving to Keep Fighting!

Hello Everyone!

I want to talk to you today about something I mention quite often and that's to KEEP MOVING TO KEEP FIGHTING! When we stay still, sit too much, or lie down too often, we actually increase the amount of pain we feel with Fibromyalgia. One of the things my doctor coached me on from the very beginning was the vital importance of making sure I keep moving in order to get the toxins out of the muscles in my body and to help them stay relaxed. He coached my husband to make sure he encouraged me and kept me accountable to stay moving....ESPECIALLY when I have fibro flairs.

I found a GREAT way to keep myself moving and flexible that I can do in the privacy of my home. Leslie Sansone is a fitness expert who has developed several walking routines that are simple yet effective for healthy exercise without all of the "glamor hype". It's as if you pop in the DVD and you're instantly among friends of all shapes and sizes, who really sweat (and yes, from time to time even a little of their makeup runs) while you're having fun walking and getting your muscles moving. You get your muscles toned up and your metabolism rate up while you use her walking routines. Even on the worst days, you can pop in Leslie's DVD and move your body in order to combat fibro pain and fatigue.

I found my choice of her routines at Walmart for under $15.00. I chose "Walk Away Your Waistline" because it offers a toning belt for a little bit of resistance training to help tone the waistline and the arms while I'm walking. This is a little more advanced walking routine and offers 1,2, and 3 mile walks. It also offers a walk meter to tell you when you've reached each mile. On more challenging pain days I can do 1 mile and on better days I can do 2-3 depending on how I feel. You can see many of Leslie's videos by clicking here ---> or by doing a Google search under "Leslie Sansone".

**Note: I do not get paid in any way to endorse Leslie's programs. I simply love her routines and I love her style of encouragement.

Remember, being smart in business means being smart personally as well. Taking care of yourself gives you the power to fight for your quality of life both personally AND professionally. When you keep your muscles in motion, it is much easier to keep up with your pain management. This in turn keeps your mind free to focus on your business.

For those of you living with Allodynia, like me, it is important to pay attention to exercise that doesn't aggravate your symptoms. The walking routine I chose doesn't aggravate my pain the way some other exercise routines do because there is no full body floor contact. The only thing that is ever so slightly uncomfortable for me is the exercise belt because the materials sometimes don't feel good against my skin or when placed around my clothing. However it really IS so slight that it's manageable and I can still use it. I make sure to use comfortable materials in my shirts (like cotton) so that the texture doesn't aggravate my skin with the belt around it. I also have times when my hair brushing across my neck gives me the sensation of a sunburn on the skin, so I always wear my hair in a ponytail, or on more painful days I put it up in a bun with a scrunchy. Again, because there is no full body floor contact with the routine I chose, there is no problem with floor contact causing pressure against my head from a ponytail holder or scrunchy when I get my hair up off of my neck.

Now these may seem like silly things to mention, but if you have Allodynia you know what I mean right? Sometimes the pain sensors on our skin just hurt like crazy and anything touching it is awful. Anything that helps bring relief, no matter how simple or ordinary, is a welcome suggestion! Besides... it's nice to know you're not the only one out there who experiences these symptoms.

I know you can do it! Keep moving to keep fighting!

Here's to your success!


David Smyth said...

Thanks for a really Great website, very informative! Regards, Dave. :-)

S.Lynn Kohls said...

David thank you for your comment and encouragement! It's reassuring to know that the website is giving out good information to my readers. Thank you again and please visit often.

Here's to your success David!

Very Sincerely,

Erika said...

Thanks so much for your wonderfully inspiring blog! As someone who has suffered from Fibro and Cardiomyopathy,I find your information helpful and informative- keep up the good work.

S.Lynn Kohls said...

Hi Erika!

Thank you for your encouragement! I love hearing from my readers!

I'm so inspired by others who are living with Fibro and/or other conditions that are challenging. It's very difficult to NOT give in to the pain and fatigue associated with handling our type of situations, but I'm so headstrong about "shouting out" to people not to give up or give in. We are not alone! Hearing from readers like you keeps me going.

Many blessings to you Erika, and thank you again! Here's to your success!

Very Sincerely,