Monday, June 23, 2008

Business Strategy Tips

Hello Everyone,

I was considering some of the challenges that we as business professionals face. Whether we are owners of our own businesses or adding our skills and talents to our chosen company, there are certain challenges that having Fibromyalgia and/or Allodynia can pose for us.

The challenges I want to talk about today is feeling overly fatigued, stricken by brain fog, or having a high pain day. In order for us to stay at the top of our game, we have to find strategic ways to handle our workloads and responsibilities without sacrificing quality.

I know from personal experience, that on days when Fibro or Allodynia is taking a hard toll on my body, it's hard for me to concentrate or fulfill my work because I'm trying to simply deal with my symptoms. On those days I do the following things:

1) Admit it
I don't hide how I'm feeling or that I'm having trouble that day. It's better to remain open about your symptoms to those you have a responsibility to, then to hide and leave them wondering why you're a little slow or not able to complete tasks fully.

2) Make Arrangements
I make arrangements for someone to assist me in tasks that I can delegate and then I take the most crucial and detailed tasks and see if I can let them wait until I'm feeling better. If there is something that absolutely can't wait, I make sure to ask for help from a person who has the same attention to quality that I do.

It's VITAL to have your support system in place before you experience a day that you need assistance. If you haven't done so yet, take some time today and make a list for yourself of people you would like to be your assistant(s) on days you need one. Ask yourself "Would I hire this person if I were looking for an employee?".

Fibromyalgia and/or Allodynia can rob you of your professional edge if you're not careful to create ways around it. Think of your support system like any other strategic business tool you use to stay ahead and show off your talents and skills. Fibro and Allodynia don't have to steal your edge if you don't let them.

Here's to your success!