Thursday, April 10, 2008

**IMPORTANT** If You're Frustrated Read This!

Hello my friends,

I want to give you a heaping spoonful of encouragement today. I got a spoonful myself and I want to pass it along!

OK, now I want you to keep an open mind about what I'm going to share with you because it's VITALLY important to both you AND me. (Why me you ask?... because I learned something from this too and it's helping me get ahead with my goals. I want you to be able to do the same!)

Anytime you see a link on my blog it's to something I either use or have used before that has helped me get ahead in my business. I don't put links out there just to "peddle"... no, this is real information and if you use and apply it, it can help YOU too.

Below on my page you see a link for 7 free videos from Magnetic Sponsoring. What you will see once you sign up for the videos is a page explaining the Magnetic Sponsoring course for about $40.00 or so (give or take depending on how hot the demand is) I want you to LISTEN to me for a second okay? Because I KNOW what it's like to be sitting at your computer absolutely frustrated beyond belief trying to figure out what the heck you're doing or not doing to get yourself in a successful position as a business owner.

Invest in this course! Here's why: You will get (along with a ton of freebies that are just as awesome) a book in the mail that is the nuts and bolts, no BS, tell it like it is, truth about how to build your business CORRECTLY. It's not sports cars and huge houses's the real deal. If you are serious about doing it right and making a commitment to yourself and your business just this book alone is worth the small amount of money to get it. BELIEVE ME.

I got mine in the mail and I devoured it in one night, then I went back and devoured it again. I highlighted, scratched notes, dog-eared... you name it. It's that good!

Listen, there are enough "gurus" out there peddling you a dream... aren't you tired of seeing them parade around in front of you while you're struggling to figure out how to get to where they are???? I was!

P.S. I also checked out Mike Dillard online. Okay so there are some controversial links out there saying this and that about the guy. WHO CARES??!! The POINT is, that he wrote something worth listening to and taking for yourself to use. What he does is his business... and after reading his book I can see how some people out there would try to brow beat the guy. HE'S GOOD and he's competition. SO WHAT? Does it make his information any less valuable? No! Take it friends... take it! I did and I'm NOT sorry.

I'm encouraging you today... YOU CAN DO THIS! We can do it together! No matter what business you are in, or want to be in, you can use Magnetic Sponsoring to get your feet planted in the right direction and take you where you want to go. Who cares what anyone else is doing, this is about YOU.

You have nothing to lose and if you're smart you know that more information, makes you more valuable to the people you are building relationships with. EVERY opportunity you have to learn something useful just propels you closer and closer to you goals.

Sign up for the videos and get the program too. (Oh...and you might want to talk to your tax person to see if your investment money is tax deductible as a business expense...hmmmm...(wink) )

Here's to your success!

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