Monday, April 7, 2008

Goals! Goals! Goals!

Take a few minutes today and revisit your business goals. If you've never written them down, now is the time! You HAVE to know why you're doing what you do. What is the value to you? Is it more than money? Are you doing something you LOVE? hmmm?

Ok, so sit down today and if you've already written out your business goals, take a few minutes to review them. Has anything changed for you? If so, revise your list and make more notes. Keep your goals fresh and foremost in your mind.

If you have not written out your business goals, take some time today and find a quiet place to spend a few minutes or an hour...whatever YOU need to make sure you know what you're doing and why. Think about questions such as "Where is my business going to take me?", "Where do I WANT my business to take me?" "What are all of the benefits of my chosen business?"

Make sure to dig deep and really analyze your chosen business. Does it match who you are as a person? Does it give you the time you need for your family and/or social life? Is it making you enough money? Does it have the potential to make you enough money? Does it pull you away from your loved ones or give you more time with them? Do you dread what you're doing or do you love it and remain enthusiastic even during dry spells and down times?

In short... does it match your goals???

Take time to write down everything. No matter how big or small the thought is, write it down! Nothing is impossible! There are people doing amazing things each and every day that "others" said they would never do!

Here's to your success!

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