Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fighting Fibro Flair Ups

Good Morning!

Today I want to discuss fighting flair ups from Fibro. I've had 10 days of non-stop fun with my "fibromonster" so I'm writing from recent experience. LOL!

I preach and preach about doing something you LOVE for a reason. Fibro flairs is just one of those reasons. We all know that during a flair there is nothing, no medicine, no pain relief, no massaging, no sitting, standing, or laying down that can make the pain STOP. Your mind is in a whirlwind just fighting to breathe through the next wave of pain and fatigue during those times. What does doing something you LOVE as a career have to do with anything during something like that?! I'm about to tell you.

When you love something you fight for it, you're committed, you're steadfast through thick and thin. During a flair it is SO EASY to want to give up and give in. Your head plays tricks on you. You hear an endless winding tape playing over and over again. "You can't do this" "You can't do this it's too hard". when you are doing something you love, something that drives you, inspires you, and makes you feel fulfilled, there is a small voice deep down inside of you...a passion that burns ever so slightly that makes you hang on and hang tough. You can tell yourself "It's just a flair and it won't last forever. I can get back to my career when it's over"

It gives you an edge. A FIGHTER'S edge! During my recent flair (and by the way it's not over yet, it's just died down enough for me to type today) I helped myself through it by thinking of my next plan for my business. The next steps I want to take to grow. How I could use my experience with Fibromyalgia pain to relate to my readers and those whom I network with? I thought and thought and thought. The most frustrating thing was not being able to write anything down for the time being. However, I kept my mind occupied with my passion for helping others find a way to turn their talents, strengths, and skills into a viable income for themselves. If I gave up and quit... then what?

I want to encourage you, that you CAN get through your pain and fatigue and keep going. Fibromyalgia may take a day or two or three from you... maybe even more... but you have the choice not to let it take your entire life away. FIGHT for your quality of life! When your flair is over, you get back into the swing of things and keep going friends. Don't give up on yourself. That's what this blog is for and what my business is here for.

Very soon I'm going to be putting out a book and some other training resources for you. I'm VERY excited about the future and what we can accomplish together! My passion is to bring hope to people living with Fibromyalgia and to help them believe in themselves and their abilities once again!

Have a great day today!

Here's to your success!


Anonymous said...

I am sitting here on the down side of a Fibro flare. I this one has lasted for a week--the longest I have had.
I agree that keeping busy is the thing to do. I still work 40 hrs a week, and my job is not an easy one. My workday is 10 hours long.
Keep moving !! That's the key.
The flare will pass.

S.Lynn Kohls said...

Thank you so much for your message! As I read it, I could definitely identify with the sheer endurance you have had to muster up in order to maintain a 10 hour work day along with a Fibro flair. I can only imagine how many times you have been through this exact same situation.

Your work hours are so long and I really commend you and admire your drive to keep going and keep fighting. It's NOT EASY, and many times we face our pain in silence don't we? Only other Fibro fighters could ever understand how difficult it is. Yet somewhere in the back of our mind, and deep down inside there is a voice telling us "don't quit", "don't give in", "you MATTER".

You are not alone my friend. Your message, though short, spoke VOLUMES and today I celebrate YOU.

Respectfully, my prayers will include you this evening. I will be asking for extra stength and encouragement for you.

Thank you very much for writing today and sharing your experience. It's so important for us to reach out and help one another to keep going.

Here's to your success!