Friday, August 17, 2007

** Important Tips! **

1) As soon as possible look into obtaining your own business license. To start out you may want to simply register as a “Sole Proprietor” “Doing business as”. A quick Google Search for your state’s information will get you on the right track. (I have a link for you at the bottom of the blog for your convenience)

2) Take your new business license and visit your bank. Ask about opening your own business account. Keep your business purchases and expenses separate from your personal.

Purchase a folder with pockets and store all receipts for ANY business related purchases all in one place. This includes any educational books and/or e-books about starting or improving your business, career related purchases, office supplies, business supplies...etc. Now when tax time rolls around you have all of your potentially tax deductible business expenses handy!

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Anonymous said...

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