Thursday, August 23, 2007

Step 3 – Beginning Your Own Business/Career

Last time we took a more in depth look at the list of talents, skills, and interests that you’ve been working on in order to find a developing pattern. We talked about not giving up on your dreams and/or goals just because they may seem out of reach or impractical at this time. Using the idea of becoming “peripherally involved”, we saw that a person can STILL become involved in what they love if they’re willing to take a different look and use their imagination.

At this time I want to take a more in depth look at what really DRIVES you. Each person has that one thing that brings them true joy and fulfillment. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could make an income in that one area that you know brings you that deep sense of excitement just thinking about it?! What if you are a stay at home mom who just LOVES teaching her children, helping them with their homework, or is constantly organizing and re-organizing her home? Wouldn’t you LOVE to make an income doing those very same things?

Today, take a look at your list of skills and knowledge and reevaluate which of those things brings you the greatest sense of excitement and joy when you do them. This is the hidden key behind what business you can create and enjoy doing for the long term. DON’T say that it’s not possible, because it IS. There is a way to make an income in virtually ANY field or subject that you desire. Let me give you a sample and then you try it using what makes you the MOST fulfilled as a person.

Let’s look at Bill. Bill was a successful car salesman until his Fibromyalgia symptoms created so much pain and fatigue for him that he could no longer sustain the work hours needed to be effective. As hard as it was for him, he had to reevaluate what he could do to bring in income to take care of himself and his family. He began searching the internet for a viable solution to working from home. Like many others, he found business opportunity after opportunity and tried a few out. Nothing quite took off like he imagined and he spent quite a bit of money trying out several ventures. Being unsatisfied he began to think about what really DRIVES him, excites him and motivates him. He wondered if he could translate his love for selling cars into something that he could do from home.

Bill took out some paper and began to take stock of the resources he had available to him. He wrote down the following: “I have a computer, a printer/scanner, a fax number, a cell phone, a digital camera, several years of proven sales skills, a natural ability to communicate with customers without putting them “on edge”, a working knowledge of the Ford car & truck industry, several contacts at my old dealership, a contact at Phil’s Used Cars & Trucks, an eBay account and a PayPal account.”

Armed with those resources, Bill began to think about his knowledge and his love for car sales. He thought to himself “What would a new salesman need to know to be successful?” BINGO! He found his first starting point for creating income! Find a way to transfer his knowledge into products and/or services that other car salesmen and consumers will buy!

After a little research on the web, Bill found out that he could create information products called eBooks and reports that he could turn around and sell. He also realized that he could become a consultant and trainer for salesmen who wanted to up their sales skills. His former boss also allowed him to come in and hold training seminars once a month for the sales staff for a fee!

He visited the website for his state’s small business license resources and obtained a Sole Proprietorship business license. He took his new business license to his bank and opened a business checking/savings account. Using his new business account, he purchased a domain name and built a website using simple tools his webhost provider offered for a very reasonable monthly fee. He now had a business email account through his website, so his customers could contact him, and he set up his fax number to correspond with his business. He purchased blank business cards from Avery, and printed his own cards on his computer. He carefully kept track of all of the items he purchased for his business and kept the receipts so he had them handy for tax time.

Next, Bill purchased blank cards and designed an announcement card for each of his friends at his former dealership. He included his business card and a coupon for one free 30 minute sales consulting session. Meanwhile Bill began making a list of subjects he wanted to communicate on. These would later be the basis of his eBooks and reports for sale. He found out how to effectively sell his books on eBay and is now making a respectable income from all of his “streams” of income! Through networking and word-of-mouth advertising, along with his own advertising, Bill has prospects for growing his business potential into other markets and dealerships!

Now this was just a sample of how a person can take what they LOVE and translate it into a viable form of income. Using this sample, what can YOU come up with for yourself? Take some time to really think it over and begin to write down your ideas.

A REAL business income doesn’t happen overnight. It is a step-by-step process that takes time and effort. Doing something you LOVE and are passionately motivated by, takes that step-by-step process and transforms it into a driving force for success!

Until next time….

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