Thursday, August 16, 2007

Step 2 - Beginning Your Own Business/Career

Last time we talked about beginning to write down all of your interests and dreams for the career you’d like to have. Today we’re going to look at that list and begin to see the pattern or patterns that have developed from it.

When I began my own list I had several things that were showing. It was a diverse list and showed me experiences and interests that I have in several different areas. Information research, Biblical studies, teaching, secretarial/admin skills, crafting dolls, computers, paralegal interests, party planning, gift services, education, military experiences, investigation experience, crafting purses, writing, Endometriosis and Fibromyalgia research, Bowen therapy, foot & hand massage, eBay sales, etc…

Now your list may not be as diverse as mine, and that’s okay. The point is, there should be SOMETHING that is presenting itself to you on paper. Everyone can do something. Everyone has their “thing”. Now my list showed me that I needed to be able to do something that involved using all of the knowledge and things that I love. How was I going to be able to do that? First of all, I LOVE to teach and speak in public. I LOVE to help others reach their goals for themselves. I LOVE to be able to speak to people on a variety of different subjects. I am forever learning and researching new things and topics of interest. I needed to find a way to communicate that into a form of income. Later on I will show you how that took shape. Today I want to focus on YOU.

What does your list look like? Is it diverse, or is it pointing mostly in one direction? Either way, there is potential there. Now taking into account that Fibromyalgia can possibly be limiting your ability to perform some of the things on your list as it does mine…we have to take a look at how we can become involved with what we love perhaps in “peripheral terms”. Here’s what I mean: maybe you dream of being a runway model in New York and you don’t have the resources to become a runway model in New York, but you know all about it. You have information, the latest updates, the newest ideas, etc. You think to yourself…”if only”. Well, how do you become involved with your dream career on a peripheral level and translate that into income? Are you good at spotting potential modeling talent? What if you became a talent agent and helped other young people get involved in the business as their manager? What would you need in order to do that? The first step is researching the managerial side of the business. Perhaps you love clothing or makeup and you can become a designer or a makeup artist to teens trying to get into the business. Perhaps you can compile all of your information and knowledge into a website and begin an information/consulting business for people wanting to break into the business. There are a host of ways to become peripherally involved with your dream career!

Today, take your list and the pattern that is showing and begin writing down all of the different angles involved with that career. Write EVERYTHING down. Jot and write and think and jot some more. What can you commit to that will draw an income for you that still involves what you LOVE?

Have a great day today!

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