Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Step 1 – Beginning Your Own Business/Career

Fibromyalgia presents us with a difficult challenge when it comes to working. While some “Fibro fighters” are able to continue to work in a mainstream employment situation, many are not or would like to be able to work from home on a permanent basis for themselves.

On message boards and groups everywhere I’ve found person after person asking “Do you know of any LEGITIMATE work from home opportunities that you can share with me?” We’re so sick and tired of scouring the internet and other resources for true work and being lead down the “path of wonder” aren’t we? I know I was! Data entry, secretarial, customer service, the list goes on and on. Type these ads, answer these surveys, become a mystery shopper, sell on eBay…. Sure some of these opportunities are in fact legitimate, however it takes a lot of digging and reading and preparation in order to separate the real deal from a scam to get your money.

Believe me, I’ve searched and scoured, and read, and investigated, and tried, and searched some more. Finally I got so angry that I decided to try and figure out how the “Big Guys & Girls” do it. What is the common thread, the common strategy, how are they becoming successful and maintaining that success? I was searching for “THE Answer”. Now if you’re like me, you’ve subscribed to several different eZines (email magazines), opted in for eBooks and eCourses on business. After some time it becomes obvious that there are several big names out there who have found the right formula for successfully running their own businesses and who are genuinely trying to share that formula with others. Perhaps like I experienced, some of those programs and coaching opportunities are far beyond your financial grasp at this particular moment in time. However, it IS possible to garner information from the free tutorials and so forth that when combined together begin to show a map of sorts or a pattern.

Here is something I guarantee you’ve heard more than once, but I want you to use it now as the first tool in your business toolbox. Anyone can work just for a paycheck and many of us do, but, if you’re going to work for yourself and make this a lifestyle change it begins with this one statement of wisdom: “Do something you love”.

Yes…it’s true. Do something you LOVE. When we love something we are more committed to it during the down times, the hard times, and the times when obstacles come against us. When we love something it becomes a passion, not a burden. We are more likely to stick with it over the long haul and do whatever it takes to protect it. This is VITALLY important in deciding what you would like to pursue as your business/career. It is one of the wisest and truest statements I’ve heard more and more successful business men and women make.

Now, I’m going to take this one step further and show you how to interview yourself or take inventory of your passions so that eventually, you will find your own personal niche in the business world doing something you love and loving what you do!

By the way, what is a major benefit specifically for “Fibro fighters” using this line of wisdom to begin their business lifestyle change? Less stress and more personal fulfillment = less body pain and less chance for flair ups. Can I prove it medically? No. I’m not a doctor. However I do live with Fibromyalgia and I know this equation is true for me, and I am the patient of a doctor who is actively involved with numerous Fibro patients and in Fibro research who agrees. The more tense our bodies are, the more Fibro reacts.

Ok, so today is YOUR day. Sit down somewhere that you can think alone and/or keep a piece of paper handy over the next week and begin writing down the following:

1) What things/subjects are you interested in?
2) What business skills and education do you have experience with?
3) If you had NO limitations, what career would you pick and why?
4) What skills do you have that you always seem to use or that people frequently ask you to do? (Typing, handyman, crafting, baking, cooking, painting, decorating, picking clothes, counseling, child care…etc)
5) When you have free time, what do you enjoy daydreaming about or planning?
6) What compliments do you receive frequently? Is there something only YOU can do that people really love or rave over?

** Take time to seriously consider and think about these questions. Mull over them. You may be surprised at what will surface. Perhaps some old dreams that slipped by or got put on the back burner, perhaps some secret dreams you haven’t told a soul. Anything is game here. Don’t limit yourself by physical or geographical limitations at this point. Just write and jot and write some more. You will begin to see a pattern develop or maybe even several patterns. This is where your core idea(s) for your business are going to start.

Next time we’ll talk about taking your list and looking at your ideas from a new perspective.

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