Thursday, August 23, 2007

Step 3 – Beginning Your Own Business/Career

Last time we took a more in depth look at the list of talents, skills, and interests that you’ve been working on in order to find a developing pattern. We talked about not giving up on your dreams and/or goals just because they may seem out of reach or impractical at this time. Using the idea of becoming “peripherally involved”, we saw that a person can STILL become involved in what they love if they’re willing to take a different look and use their imagination.

At this time I want to take a more in depth look at what really DRIVES you. Each person has that one thing that brings them true joy and fulfillment. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could make an income in that one area that you know brings you that deep sense of excitement just thinking about it?! What if you are a stay at home mom who just LOVES teaching her children, helping them with their homework, or is constantly organizing and re-organizing her home? Wouldn’t you LOVE to make an income doing those very same things?

Today, take a look at your list of skills and knowledge and reevaluate which of those things brings you the greatest sense of excitement and joy when you do them. This is the hidden key behind what business you can create and enjoy doing for the long term. DON’T say that it’s not possible, because it IS. There is a way to make an income in virtually ANY field or subject that you desire. Let me give you a sample and then you try it using what makes you the MOST fulfilled as a person.

Let’s look at Bill. Bill was a successful car salesman until his Fibromyalgia symptoms created so much pain and fatigue for him that he could no longer sustain the work hours needed to be effective. As hard as it was for him, he had to reevaluate what he could do to bring in income to take care of himself and his family. He began searching the internet for a viable solution to working from home. Like many others, he found business opportunity after opportunity and tried a few out. Nothing quite took off like he imagined and he spent quite a bit of money trying out several ventures. Being unsatisfied he began to think about what really DRIVES him, excites him and motivates him. He wondered if he could translate his love for selling cars into something that he could do from home.

Bill took out some paper and began to take stock of the resources he had available to him. He wrote down the following: “I have a computer, a printer/scanner, a fax number, a cell phone, a digital camera, several years of proven sales skills, a natural ability to communicate with customers without putting them “on edge”, a working knowledge of the Ford car & truck industry, several contacts at my old dealership, a contact at Phil’s Used Cars & Trucks, an eBay account and a PayPal account.”

Armed with those resources, Bill began to think about his knowledge and his love for car sales. He thought to himself “What would a new salesman need to know to be successful?” BINGO! He found his first starting point for creating income! Find a way to transfer his knowledge into products and/or services that other car salesmen and consumers will buy!

After a little research on the web, Bill found out that he could create information products called eBooks and reports that he could turn around and sell. He also realized that he could become a consultant and trainer for salesmen who wanted to up their sales skills. His former boss also allowed him to come in and hold training seminars once a month for the sales staff for a fee!

He visited the website for his state’s small business license resources and obtained a Sole Proprietorship business license. He took his new business license to his bank and opened a business checking/savings account. Using his new business account, he purchased a domain name and built a website using simple tools his webhost provider offered for a very reasonable monthly fee. He now had a business email account through his website, so his customers could contact him, and he set up his fax number to correspond with his business. He purchased blank business cards from Avery, and printed his own cards on his computer. He carefully kept track of all of the items he purchased for his business and kept the receipts so he had them handy for tax time.

Next, Bill purchased blank cards and designed an announcement card for each of his friends at his former dealership. He included his business card and a coupon for one free 30 minute sales consulting session. Meanwhile Bill began making a list of subjects he wanted to communicate on. These would later be the basis of his eBooks and reports for sale. He found out how to effectively sell his books on eBay and is now making a respectable income from all of his “streams” of income! Through networking and word-of-mouth advertising, along with his own advertising, Bill has prospects for growing his business potential into other markets and dealerships!

Now this was just a sample of how a person can take what they LOVE and translate it into a viable form of income. Using this sample, what can YOU come up with for yourself? Take some time to really think it over and begin to write down your ideas.

A REAL business income doesn’t happen overnight. It is a step-by-step process that takes time and effort. Doing something you LOVE and are passionately motivated by, takes that step-by-step process and transforms it into a driving force for success!

Until next time….

Friday, August 17, 2007

** Important Tips! **

1) As soon as possible look into obtaining your own business license. To start out you may want to simply register as a “Sole Proprietor” “Doing business as”. A quick Google Search for your state’s information will get you on the right track. (I have a link for you at the bottom of the blog for your convenience)

2) Take your new business license and visit your bank. Ask about opening your own business account. Keep your business purchases and expenses separate from your personal.

Purchase a folder with pockets and store all receipts for ANY business related purchases all in one place. This includes any educational books and/or e-books about starting or improving your business, career related purchases, office supplies, business supplies...etc. Now when tax time rolls around you have all of your potentially tax deductible business expenses handy!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Step 2 - Beginning Your Own Business/Career

Last time we talked about beginning to write down all of your interests and dreams for the career you’d like to have. Today we’re going to look at that list and begin to see the pattern or patterns that have developed from it.

When I began my own list I had several things that were showing. It was a diverse list and showed me experiences and interests that I have in several different areas. Information research, Biblical studies, teaching, secretarial/admin skills, crafting dolls, computers, paralegal interests, party planning, gift services, education, military experiences, investigation experience, crafting purses, writing, Endometriosis and Fibromyalgia research, Bowen therapy, foot & hand massage, eBay sales, etc…

Now your list may not be as diverse as mine, and that’s okay. The point is, there should be SOMETHING that is presenting itself to you on paper. Everyone can do something. Everyone has their “thing”. Now my list showed me that I needed to be able to do something that involved using all of the knowledge and things that I love. How was I going to be able to do that? First of all, I LOVE to teach and speak in public. I LOVE to help others reach their goals for themselves. I LOVE to be able to speak to people on a variety of different subjects. I am forever learning and researching new things and topics of interest. I needed to find a way to communicate that into a form of income. Later on I will show you how that took shape. Today I want to focus on YOU.

What does your list look like? Is it diverse, or is it pointing mostly in one direction? Either way, there is potential there. Now taking into account that Fibromyalgia can possibly be limiting your ability to perform some of the things on your list as it does mine…we have to take a look at how we can become involved with what we love perhaps in “peripheral terms”. Here’s what I mean: maybe you dream of being a runway model in New York and you don’t have the resources to become a runway model in New York, but you know all about it. You have information, the latest updates, the newest ideas, etc. You think to yourself…”if only”. Well, how do you become involved with your dream career on a peripheral level and translate that into income? Are you good at spotting potential modeling talent? What if you became a talent agent and helped other young people get involved in the business as their manager? What would you need in order to do that? The first step is researching the managerial side of the business. Perhaps you love clothing or makeup and you can become a designer or a makeup artist to teens trying to get into the business. Perhaps you can compile all of your information and knowledge into a website and begin an information/consulting business for people wanting to break into the business. There are a host of ways to become peripherally involved with your dream career!

Today, take your list and the pattern that is showing and begin writing down all of the different angles involved with that career. Write EVERYTHING down. Jot and write and think and jot some more. What can you commit to that will draw an income for you that still involves what you LOVE?

Have a great day today!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Step 1 – Beginning Your Own Business/Career

Fibromyalgia presents us with a difficult challenge when it comes to working. While some “Fibro fighters” are able to continue to work in a mainstream employment situation, many are not or would like to be able to work from home on a permanent basis for themselves.

On message boards and groups everywhere I’ve found person after person asking “Do you know of any LEGITIMATE work from home opportunities that you can share with me?” We’re so sick and tired of scouring the internet and other resources for true work and being lead down the “path of wonder” aren’t we? I know I was! Data entry, secretarial, customer service, the list goes on and on. Type these ads, answer these surveys, become a mystery shopper, sell on eBay…. Sure some of these opportunities are in fact legitimate, however it takes a lot of digging and reading and preparation in order to separate the real deal from a scam to get your money.

Believe me, I’ve searched and scoured, and read, and investigated, and tried, and searched some more. Finally I got so angry that I decided to try and figure out how the “Big Guys & Girls” do it. What is the common thread, the common strategy, how are they becoming successful and maintaining that success? I was searching for “THE Answer”. Now if you’re like me, you’ve subscribed to several different eZines (email magazines), opted in for eBooks and eCourses on business. After some time it becomes obvious that there are several big names out there who have found the right formula for successfully running their own businesses and who are genuinely trying to share that formula with others. Perhaps like I experienced, some of those programs and coaching opportunities are far beyond your financial grasp at this particular moment in time. However, it IS possible to garner information from the free tutorials and so forth that when combined together begin to show a map of sorts or a pattern.

Here is something I guarantee you’ve heard more than once, but I want you to use it now as the first tool in your business toolbox. Anyone can work just for a paycheck and many of us do, but, if you’re going to work for yourself and make this a lifestyle change it begins with this one statement of wisdom: “Do something you love”.

Yes…it’s true. Do something you LOVE. When we love something we are more committed to it during the down times, the hard times, and the times when obstacles come against us. When we love something it becomes a passion, not a burden. We are more likely to stick with it over the long haul and do whatever it takes to protect it. This is VITALLY important in deciding what you would like to pursue as your business/career. It is one of the wisest and truest statements I’ve heard more and more successful business men and women make.

Now, I’m going to take this one step further and show you how to interview yourself or take inventory of your passions so that eventually, you will find your own personal niche in the business world doing something you love and loving what you do!

By the way, what is a major benefit specifically for “Fibro fighters” using this line of wisdom to begin their business lifestyle change? Less stress and more personal fulfillment = less body pain and less chance for flair ups. Can I prove it medically? No. I’m not a doctor. However I do live with Fibromyalgia and I know this equation is true for me, and I am the patient of a doctor who is actively involved with numerous Fibro patients and in Fibro research who agrees. The more tense our bodies are, the more Fibro reacts.

Ok, so today is YOUR day. Sit down somewhere that you can think alone and/or keep a piece of paper handy over the next week and begin writing down the following:

1) What things/subjects are you interested in?
2) What business skills and education do you have experience with?
3) If you had NO limitations, what career would you pick and why?
4) What skills do you have that you always seem to use or that people frequently ask you to do? (Typing, handyman, crafting, baking, cooking, painting, decorating, picking clothes, counseling, child care…etc)
5) When you have free time, what do you enjoy daydreaming about or planning?
6) What compliments do you receive frequently? Is there something only YOU can do that people really love or rave over?

** Take time to seriously consider and think about these questions. Mull over them. You may be surprised at what will surface. Perhaps some old dreams that slipped by or got put on the back burner, perhaps some secret dreams you haven’t told a soul. Anything is game here. Don’t limit yourself by physical or geographical limitations at this point. Just write and jot and write some more. You will begin to see a pattern develop or maybe even several patterns. This is where your core idea(s) for your business are going to start.

Next time we’ll talk about taking your list and looking at your ideas from a new perspective.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Welcome! I’m truly happy you’re here!

As a fellow “Fibrofighter” I know how frustrating and time consuming it is to try and find answers especially when you don’t even know where to start. I’ve been living with Fibromyalgia/Allodynia for over 2 years and was only recently officially diagnosed 2 months ago.

My goal is to share with you all of the information and resources that I’ve found throughout the last 2 years I’ve spent hunting and searching for help, answers, and information. Information not only about Fibro, but about how to create REAL honest-to-goodness income by working from home.

There are two questions that I encounter more often than not while talking with other “Fibrofighters” out there. #1 – How do you manage your pain? and #2) Do you know any REAL work that I can do from home?

Because of our physical limitations, many of us are constantly looking for ways to make real money by owning our businesses. We simply NEED to be in control of our hours because Fibromyalgia often blind sides us with flare ups and down days. Just getting out of bed can be a challenge, let alone getting to work right?

I’ve determined to be proactive about being a woman living with Fibromyalgia. I’ve determined that I’m going to help where I can help because we are often on our own when it comes to managing Fibro in all areas of our lives. This is my way of standing together with you (though we do not know one another) and giving you a leg up because others have stood by me and given me a leg up. I’m “paying it forward”so-to-speak.

Today is a starting point on your journey to reclaiming control over your life. Take time for yourself and read, read, read! Information is a powerful weapon and an empowering way to regain a sense of control over what is happening to your body. The effects of Fibromyalgia can at times, make a person feel powerless, helpless, and overwhelmed. It’s important to take action by reading and discovering as much as you can. Each piece of information here may open another door and another until you find what you need whether it is personal or business related so keep looking and reading. Together we can help spread the word to others and give each other the support we need to not be victims, but fighters!